Cereal has always been a practical way for people with a busy lifestyle to kick start their day with nutritious and wholesome breakfast – quick to prepare and easy to eat. Chobe Master® brown rice instant drink (CEREAL) is a nutritious brown rice cereal drink made with whole grains cereals flakes and roasted brown rice. Cereal and brown rice is the perfect combination that loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber for your daily needs. The whole grains cereal flakes are made from wheat flour, maize, soy, and malt barley.
A cup of Chobe Master® brown rice instant drink (CEREAL) encapsulates the nutty aroma and taste that suits everyone at any stage of life. Get all the goodness in it with the fastest way, anytime and anyplace, and always great taste!


  • Source of Calcium - Helps in controlling blood pressure, protect cardiac muscle, balancing minerals (Potassium, Phosphorus).
  • Good source of Dietary Fiber - To protect the heart, relieve constipation, reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • High in Vitamin B2, B3 & B6 -  Increase energy, stimulate the immune system, enhance mood & memory. 
  • Vitamin C - Absorb Iron from Chobe Master®, prevent cardiovascular disease, boost the immune system.



  • Zero Cholesterol
  • Zero Trans Fat
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colouring



Brown Rice, Cereal, Brown Sugar, Polydextrose (Prebiotics), Multivitamin, Non-dairy Creamer



Product Barcode


Packing Size

32g X 10 Sachets X 24 Boxes

Shelf Life

18 Months

Carton Size

435mm (L) X 350mm (W) X 284mm (H)

Net Weight Per Carton

9.88 KG

Storage Method

Store in a cool dry place, away from strong light and outdoor.

Serving Preparation in 2 minutes

Pour 180ml hot water (85°C-90°C) and add one sachet into the cup.
Stir well and it’s ready to serve!